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My name is Rosie, it's with great excitement that I write this, to share with you my offerings and services. But first a little background.

In 2012, after graduating from Monash University with a Bachelor of Visual Communication and a cert IV in design. My life took a great shift in its trajectory. Although I had always been interested in mental health, the human condition, and psychology. Along with an innate calling to truly help people, and the planet which was also evident in my design project choices.

However, I wasn't aware that my lifestyle at the time was detrimental and ultimately toxic. It was a pivotal aha moment when I realised that I couldn't help anyone else until I helped myself.

I got taken out of my daily habitual routine, on a very impromptu trip to Malaysia with my Mother. I ended up in Thailand with words that seemed to follow me from strangers uttering "go to Chiang Mai it'll change your life."

So I did, and it did. I participated in my first Ayurveda immersion on a whim, with Balaram and it made so much sense to me. All of a sudden, life's concept became simple. My chaotic and erratic lifestyle and personal nature had its first opportunity for retrospection and ofcourse introspection - offering an unfamiliar inner state of balance and groundedness for what felt like the first time in my life.

At age 22, I took my first Anusara yoga training course, in Bali with Bridget Woods Kramer. Upon returning I completed my certificate IV in Kinesiology, traveled to Thailand to study Ayurveda again with Balaram Chandra, at the beginning of 2016 I took another 200 TT with Sianna Sherman in Costa RIca , a style of yoga based on Hatha, inspired by Anusara but deeply rooted in prayer and offering. I took a 200 hour training in Kundalini yoga on the lake Atitlan in Guatemala with Joshua Param Sevak. Somewhere nestled sweetly within all those years I also received my reiki I, II and III/master level.

It has since been my prerogative to share all the wisdom I have built up, all the experiential knowledge over the numerous travels and journeys accross various inner and outer landscapes.

And it is now finally integrating as a long term project with lots of small gorgeous things along the way as I find my self transitioning slowly out of my shell to offer these in a greater capacity. These practices and teachings are very precious, it's been with great reverence and humility that I continue to share them with more people.

The medicine of yoga is strong and potent in my everyday and I am eternally grateful for the profound opportunities it has brought for expansion and growth, mentally and physically. I hold its integrity close to my heart and am grateful for all the peaks and valleys it has placed me in this world as with the encounters including all my teachers and friends I have met on its path.

I have a particular consideration for alignment and therapeutics, myth, stories and heart opening practices. As I immerse deeper, it becomes more curious and interested in connecting with something that is much greater than I could possibly imagine. I incorporate and align my practices with what is happening in the sky above us - I love that astrology gives us an intimate roadmap of how we can relate more deeply to our centers.

My classes and my healings all combine sound modalities including Koshis, Japanese elemental chimes. I love to also incorporate meridian and organ health into my teachings to give those students who are curious more of an insight into their own body temples.

Along with this, I offer a combination of kinesiology, theta, and mineral healing, from home or in studio.

My current teaching schedule is:

6 00 - 7 30 Kundalini and meditation,
Tuesday evenings

Check workshops for upcoming events and retreats <3