''Rosie doesn't just prepare and cook meals, she lovingly creates nutritious and delicious sensory experiences. Every meal with Rosie is unique, and nothing is wasted in the process. Not only is everything utilised, It isn't unusual to find additions in the form of flowers from the garden decorating a plate, or a jar of condiments from Rosie's travels accompanying a meal. For those interested, Rosie is always available to share stories, recipes and cooking methods. Every time that I work with Rosie, I come home inspired to get into my own kitchen and create meals with same passion and creativity that she does.''

Jo Buick

"Rosie utilizes a health and environmentally consciousness approach to creatively share fresh and delicious food that nourishes the heart, mind, body and soul. Highly recommend this LOVE chef!"

Stell Brahami

“We were lucky enough to have Rosie and her smoothblender nourishment for some intimate retreats. This women is outstanding in her work, her food is delicious, whole and nourishing she shares so much wisdom and so much love and passion in what she does. Highly Recommend...”

Brooke Lumsden