My aim is to be in service, in whatever capacity that presents itself in the moment, I know that might come accross as a little libran or airy but - everything I do is with my hands, everything I create and share extends from these fingers - so in that respect, it manifests in many ways, from holding space in a group, yoga room, catering dinners, illustrating wedding invitations and reiki.
This extension has a history. My mother is a phenomenal chef. In a house filled (literally) with cook books, I grew up learning how to make and create food. I have had an interesting journey with that which nourishes us, as I am sure most of us have. 
But what it comes down to is, I love to make food for people.

I have been so lucky to have cooked in kitchens catering around the world, from wellness centers in Central America to small intimate desert retreats in the US, making feasts for friends in forests over open fires, cleansing and detox retreats in the Victorian Otways.
Combined with my curiousity for nutritional, health and healing; I've gained an incredible understanding of the important and vitally healing connections with what we eat and its affect on the body, mind, and emotional state.  I am truly interested in working on projects that aim to cultivate social change, empower personal health and ofcourse attempt to sustain the harmony and balance of this planet.
It is a great pleasure and a gift that I am humbled to continue to share as a way of healing from the inside out.
I look forward to creating with you!