Inspired by Sanskrit word sukhasana (easy pose), which translates to  ‘good space’. We are dedicated to all things that create good space within and around the body. We aim to cultivate, sustain and support an inner sanctum that is harmonious. Whether this be through breath, body work, movement, sound, food or art.
The seed was planted for the integration of all these joys and disciplines of Rosie’s years of studying Ayurvedic philosophy, Kinesiology, Usui reiki, Kundalini and Anusara yoga  as well as her own deep self inquiry that led her accross the globe.
Coming from a history of sensitive curiosity for this world, Rosie’s devotion to serving people and the planet is palpable.  She believes nourishment and the right education should be available to every body.
We understand that modern day living can be heavy and trying at times - finding ways to navigate busy lifestyles  in enriching ways is so vital on the path of self
preservation. There is an undeniable  sense of peace when all aspects of the self are aligned and thriving. That  state is our goal.
It is with  much respect and excitement, that we offer these delights, these practices and wisdom stories. We look forward to creating good space with you.